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MYS can offer you the following services:

Pre-purchase/ Condition surveys
An all inclusive survey to assess all aspects of the vessel. As well as the standard set of criteria required to complete the survey further assessment with respect to particular client needs or wishes can also be included.
The survey is wholly for the benefit of the client and as such can be customised as per requirements
A comprehensive report is produced which is suitable for insurance purposes and includes a breakdown of issues and a maintenance schedule

Insurance surveys
The scope is similar to that of a prepurchase survey though with less emphasis on smaller issues in keeping with insurance companies requirements. Whilst primarily intended to meet insurance requirements a comprehensive report can be provided to aid in the ongoing vessel maintenance

Damage surveys
An in depth investigation of any and all damage caused to the vessel from a single event, whatever the cause.
It is not the purpose of these surveys to assess the vessel overall.

Valuation inspections
An inspection to ascertain the current fair market value for a vessel.

Ultrasound thickness NDT testing of steel and aluminium vessels
Over and above the visual and physical impact and tap testing facets of a hull inspection a series of measurements are taken of the hull, both above and below the waterline using a Tritex 5750 ultrasound thickness tester.

Tonnage measurement as required for application for registration on the UK part 1 registry of ships for vessels up to 24 m LOA.

Mast and rig inspections
Whilst unstepping the mast and removing all fittings for a full inspection is preferable and to be recommended periodically, aloft inspections are a viable means to make an initial assessment of condition.
This can be performed in isolation or in conjunction with another survey.

Usually combined in a prepurchase survey but can be performed in isolation as required.
whilst dependant on conditions of the day this is very useful in assessing the general performance of a vessel and installed equipment.

Oil analysis
Oil samples can be taken and are sent for laboratory analysis. thy allow assessment of wear on the engine and indicate if water or diesel is present. A useful tool in on-going monitoring of a vessels propulsion and power generation systems

Project management/ Works inspection
The scope of the above is wide and varied and fully customised in accordance with an individual needs. The work can be anything from verify a minor installation and ensuring all is in order to monitoring a complete refit or anywhere in between.
We can act solely as a point of contact and a local set of eyes for a client to taking over the full project and engaging contractors to make repairs and monitoring progress and quality.
the latter case usually entails a number of site visits with stage reports and updates as agreed. A final report and interim reports can be produced in accordance with client needs.

New Build inspection
This can range from inspections at predefined stages to monitor and a report on the build quality to a final inspection at the time of handover to ensure the vessel is in good order and that the inventory is as has been order.
A seatrial can be performed as required.
A final report and interim reports can be produced in accordance with client needs.

A personalised services focusing on particular needs of the client. Whether this be preparing their vessel for an extended voyage, buying the first vessel and helping assess what is the correct vessel and equipment for a proposed program or discussing repairs and /or alterations with builders or yards. all options are open and I am happy to discuss any potential projects and how I may be able to help
If you are new to boating, I am able to help with familiarisation with your vessel, or help on test sails when establishing the type of vessel best suited to you and your plans.

All reports produced are for the sole use of the commissioning clients.
All surveys are undertaken under contract following an acceptance of the quote.
Terms and conditions available upon request.

Whilst I rarely undertake deliveries at present I am happy to help with finding a suitable means of delivery. I have worked with several delivery companies over the years; both those that focus on skippered delivery and those who transport by road.

Gutentor Advanced Text